Couples Therapy and Counseling  

Do you feel frustrated or alone in your relationship? Are you and your partner speaking different languages or having the same argument on "repeat"? Couples therapy can help!

If you are in a long-term relationship, married, or are feeling dangerously close to the end of your rope with your partner, couples therapy can help you reconnect to the love, the strengths, and the reasons you have committed so much of your life to this relationship in the first place. If you are in a new relationship, moving towards more serious commitment, or considering pre-marital counseling, couples therapy can be a tremendously helpful building block to strengthen the foundation from which to grow!

You may be feeling like you've tried everything to improve your relationship though nothing seems to change. If so, you are not alone. In addition to helping learn ways to reduce conflict and improve your communication, I will guide you to have new and different connecting experiences within the therapy room. These deepening experiences will start to transform the repetitive cycle which left you stuck and frustrated, and lead your relationship to a place of healthy connection you may not have imagined possible.

It’s normal for couples to experience seasons of distance---couples therapy can be the turning point that brings you through winter and into SPRING! 


Denver Couples Counseling and Therapy

6 Common Benefits of Couples Therapy:

1.     Increased emotional connection
2.     Improved communication
3.     Enhanced intimacy
4.     Reduced arguments
5.     Resolved conflict
6.     Strengthened trust