Are you recently engaged and feeling all kinds of confusing emotions that you didn’t expect? Is a sinking sensation of fear, anxiety, or sadness causing confusion or doubt in what is supposed to be “the happiest time of your life”? If so, take a deep breath: These feelings don’t mean that you have made a huge mistake or that your relationship isn’t right for you. Committing to spend the rest of your life with someone is a huge decision, and what isn’t shown in the movies is that engagement anxiety is a NORMAL part of the process!! Believe me, you are not the only one feeling this way!

I am passionate about supporting brides and grooms to be during this highly emotional time. While engagement anxiety may be a more common experience than you know, it certainly isn’t fun and I am here to help you work through it.

Engagement Anxiety Help Denver, CO

You may be experiencing engagement anxiety if:

  • You are doubting this decision to get married and wondering if you are making a big mistake
  • You are desperately wanting to feel all the “normal” feelings of excitement and bliss but can’t quite get there
  •  You are pushing your partner away or trying to force yourself to feel the way you did before
  • You are feeling sad or scared
  • Your inner critic tells you “Doubt means don’t”
  • You believe that what you are experiencing is abnormal and won’t be understood by friends or family
  • You are fixating on one or more “irritating” qualities in your partner, whether physical or emotional
  •  You are looking for faults in your relationship, often analyzing other people’s relationships to find what   theirs has and yours doesn’t

Believe it or not, engagement anxiety is actually an important part of the process. If it’s addressed and worked through (not swept under the rug), it can actually make for a more joyful wedding day and an incredible start to a beautiful and long-lasting marriage.

Though painful and seemingly hopeless at times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your hard work will be so worth it!

* This work is inspired by therapist and author, Sheryl Paul. I highly recommend her book, "The Conscious Bride" to any bride (or groom) who is
seeking to better understand the emotional
rollercoaster of engagement.