Teen and Family Therapy in Denver, CO

Professional therapy to help build confidence and connection.

As the owner of Grace Edstrom Therapy, I take a unique approach to helping teens and families reconnect and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from being a happier and more productive family unit. I know that it may be difficult to get a teenager to participate in therapy, especially with their family, but I take the time to understand your family so that I can provide the right mixture of camaraderie, sincere interest in each person in the family unit, and humor.

I’ve found that by providing a safe and encouraging environment for teenagers to speak their truth, they come to not only see the benefit and value of therapy, but they start to look forward to it. This helps them process their own lives and their role in the family unit.

What is Teen and Family Therapy About?

I provide counseling for teens with many important goals in mind: I want to help them build their confidence as human beings and find a connection to their families and their roots. I work to provide a safe space for teens and their families to work through issues that are causing them pain. Together, we identify goals and work toward them.

Teen therapy is about supporting young people to find their true selves. It’s hard for young people to understand where they fit and what role they have in society, and this causes many difficult situations both at home and at school. There’s no doubt that being a teenager is confusing and challenging. I support my clients through these challenges and lead with the intent to help them realize their potential beyond what they see or believe right now. I’ve found that when a teenager knows their worth, they’re much better equipped to take on the world and find confidence.

Teen and Family Therapy Denver, CO

10 Common "Teen Topics"

  1. Snapchat - Social Media

  2. Parental relationship

  3. Friendship challenges

  4. Navigating stress of teenage years

  5. Improving communication

  6. Increasing honesty or re-building trust

  7. Divorced or separating parents

  8. Depression & anxiety

  9. Academic stress & pressure

  10. Sibling relationships

I have the privilege of helping families and teens reconnect on a meaningful level. I help teenagers understand their potential in a new way.

I’ve seen the power of family connection, especially when a teenager is struggling with an outside stressor. Whether the family is going through a shift, such as a divorce or becoming a blended family, it’s important that teenagers are reminded of their importance and the role they play in the success of the family.

Spending time with each family member and serving the family as a group, we’ll discover underlying stressors and issues that are preventing the family from coming together as a unit. In individual therapy sessions, teenagers will have a chance to express themselves in a way that feels right to them. We’ll work together to bring those concerns to the family. The ultimate goal of teen therapy is to help restore the family unit and help teenagers feel at home in their family - when teenagers feel supported at home, they can overcome other struggles with much more success.

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