Teen and Family Therapy

While engaging a teenager in therapy can be a difficult task, I find that with the right mixture of camaraderie, sincere interest, and humor, teens begin to not only value the benefit of therapy, but they actually start looking forward to it. During this transformative time in life, many teens are experiencing an increased desire for freedom and autonomy from the family. I support teens to step into this new phase of life with two core goals in mind: Confidence in their wings and Connection to their roots.

First is the priority of supporting young people to be true to themselves in the face of new or difficult situations. The teenage years can be confusing; I support my clients through these challenges with the intention of helping them to realize their fullest potential and to be confident in their unique path and place in this world.

Second is the unparalleled importance of family connection. I see an individual’s relationship to their support network as a lifelong goal to strive for. While families can be an incredible source of joy, they can also cause great pain. Whether you are undergoing a family shift (divorce, blended family, transition into high school, etc.) or are wanting to work through issues from the past, I am here to support you and your loved ones. 

While I will spend a good amount of time working 
one-on-one with my younger clients, I believe the best way to support teenagers is through strengthening and supporting the entire family unit. For this reason I will use a blend of both individual and family sessions. 

Teen and Family Therapy Denver, CO

10 Common "Teen Topics"

  1. Snapchat - Social Media
  2. Parental relationship
  3. Friendship challenges
  4. Navigating stress of teenage years
  5. Improving communication
  6. Increasing honesty or re-building trust
  7. Divorced or separating parents
  8. Depression & anxiety 
  9. Body image and self-esteem issues
  10. Substance use